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    Play Resumes at Candyland Park !!

    Welcome BACK to Candyland Park!  Most of you will have games at our park tomorrow.  For some, this will be their first game…amazing!  Kudos and thanks to you all for your patience during this.  We’ve come through a natural disaster with great poise.  We all have been, at minimum, inconvenienced.

    The City of Longwood has been working for 2 weeks to help its citizens recover, and Candyland has been a key part of that effort, which is not complete.  There is still equipment at the park, as well as some areas which are off limits.  Because of that, we will need to adjust our parking and entrance into the fields tomorrow.  Please reference the picture while you read the following restrictions and suggestions:

    North Parking lot (upper right of picture in red) is CLOSED.  It is marked out in red on the picture. You can not enter from the street (north side) nor can you enter from the south side.  There is also no pedestrian traffic into the parking lot using the sidewalk next to C4.  Finally, the north walk-in entrance will be locked.

    The gate on the west side of the park, between C2 and C3, will be OPEN.  You may park along the EAST side of Grant St and enter through that gate.  We ask you park diagonally, with the flow of traffic, but off the road.  Diagonally allows more vehicles and makes it easy to back out, where parallel parking can get tight and takes up more space.  This is indicated by the yellow diagonal lines on the picture.

    NO PARKING on the west side of Grant St.  The area there is very wet.  This is indicated by the red on the picture.

    Summary and requests:
    NO PARKING in North parking lot.
    NO PARKING on WEST side of Grant St.
    Playing on C2, please use Grant St and the first, paved parking lot.
    Playing on C3, please use Grant St.
    Playing on C1, please use the paved parking lot and south portion of the middle lot.
    Playing on C4, please park in the middle lot.
    COP (Citizens On Patrol) and volunteers will be assisting you in the middle lot and on Grant St.
    Parking on Grant St, COP will be there, but please ensure you secure your valuables and lock your vehicle.  This is true for ALL times and all locations.
    Thank you for your attention to this and your patience with everything. I know we're all looking forward to getting back on the field!!



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