Registration FAQ

Q: Do I live within the boundaries to play at Longwood Babe Ruth?

A: For baseball you only need to reside in Seminole County to play at Longwood Babe Ruth and still be eligible for All Stars.

A: For Softball Click Here to view a Google Map of the boundary. Boundary Description: Beginning at the corner of Wade Street and 419 go north on 419 until the intersection of High Street. Go east on High Street following that line to intersect with Cadillac Street and onto Sanford Ave. Go north on Sanford Ave to Lake Monroe. Follow Lake Monroe west to the Volusia/Seminole County Line and continue to the Lake/Seminole County line highway 441. Go south on 441 until highway 50. Go east on highway 50 to highway 436. Go north on 436 until Red Bug Lake Road. Go east on Red Bug Lake Road until Tuscawillow Road. Go north to Lake Driveand then continue to Seminola (Dog Track) to Winter Park Drive. Go norht on Winter Park Drive to 434. Go east on 434 to Wade Street and Norht on Wade Street to 419. All of Altamonte Springs City Limits falling withint this boundry will not be a part of Longwood Babe Ruth's Boundry.  

What does each player receive with their registration?

  • A jersey
  • A hat (baseball only)
  • End of Season Award(s)

What happens after registration:

1. Your child must attend skills assessment if:
    Spring Season
       a. They did not play in the Fall season.
       b. You requested they be put back into the draft (the manager of his Fall team CAN NOT redraft your child).
       c. They registered late ("hat pick") in the Fall season.

    Fall Season
      a. They are not a lock on a team.

2. After all of the skills assessment days are done your child will be drafted.  
3. The manager of your child's team will contact you with the first practice date, time, and location.

Skills Assessment

Q: Does my child have to attend Skills Assessment?

A: If your child does not attend skills assessment, they will be placed on team by a blind draw for their assigned division based off their league age (See Age chart on registration page).