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Click Here to Register for Spring 2019

Key Dates for Spring

Returning Managers Deadline to Commit to Manage
1/7: Commit by registering, being certified, and taking the background check

1/18: Softball Managers commit by registering, being ceritfied, and taking the background check

Returning Players Declare for the Draft Deadline
1/20: Date to register and indicate you want to enter the draft 

Managers Deadline to Submit Locks
1/22: Date to submit your locks by. Locks are not considered locked unless they are registered and may only be submitted ONLINE. 
1/25: Softball deadline

Walk Up Registration & Skills Assessment Date & Time.
Saturday 1/26, 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM, Walk Up Registration & Skills Assessment

 Baseball Skills Assessment Times
     Majors:       9:00 AM
     Minors:     10:30 AM
     Rookies:   12:00 PM
     T-Ball: Does not have skills assessment

   Softball Skills Assessment Times(6U does not have skills assessment)
     8U: 9:00 AM
     10U: 10:00 AM
     12U: 11:00 AM
     14U: 12:00 PM
      SENIORS: 1:00 PM

COBRA+ Try-out Date- Saturday, January 26 Field C4

10u- 9:00 am

12u-10:30 am

Must be registered on this website. Please include the words "COBRA+" when you reach the "any additional requests" field on the registration form.

Preliminary Draft Dates 
Monday       1/28   BB Rookies/Majors & All Softball
Tuesday      1/29   BB Minors 
T-Ball: Does not have a draft

Thursday     2/7     BB Babe Ruth 

Super Bowl Sunday
2/3 - Super Bowl 53

Tuesday February 5th - Babe Ruth Division Skills Assessment

     Babe Ruth Division:       6:15 PM

2/2- Softball uniform orders due

2/9 - Uniform Orders Due by Noon

2/23 - Deadline for Assistant Coaches to register, take background check, and be certified. Coaches who fail to do this will not be allowed to coach the remainder of the season.
2/25 - Regular Season Games Start

  3/2 - Opening Day 8:45 AM 


    Kevin Chubb Scholarship Fund

    Sad News

    Good evening, all.

    Today, we lost one of our best. Kevin Chubb, known to many of you as an umpire, others of you as a volunteer with our league, passed away earlier today.

    One of our best men - Kevin was a dedicated and adoring husband;  an invested and proud father.  A leader in the community, he led through his role in his church, work in volunteer organizations, and overall investment and interest in humanity.

    One of our best coaches - Kevin coached before all of the current players were born. He coached great players and with great coaches, and he made them better. It was a great marriage of two of his many talents...teaching and baseball.

    One of our best volunteers - Kevin continued to serve you in the "official" and very tasking position as Player Agent for Baseball, but he served far beyond those duties. Kevin genuinely cared for your young player, and was willing to do more than the average person to give them a terrific experience in our league.

    One of our best officials - He officiated countless games, on baseball and softball fields, for your child. His dedication to taking games and making sure the teams could play meant many long days for him. His mentorship of new umpires was yet another example of his talent for leading and teaching being the perfect match with his passion for the game, but this time, for the "third team on the field."

    The world is a better place because of you, Kevin Chubb. THANK YOU for all of the gifts. You will be missed.

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    Text LongwoodBR to 84483

    We also recommend adding 84483 to your contacts using the name "Rained Out" or "LBR"

    Our History

    Longwood Babe Ruth, an ALL volunteer, not-for-profit organization, was founded in 1988.

    The league has a World Series win, multiple State, Regional & District tournament wins, and consistently strong All-Star teams contribute to the long list of accomplishments.

    The true measures of this League are the endless hours of volunteer time and our sponsors -- without you, we would have surely failed many years ago! Thanks to all past and present LBR members! 

    Longwood Babe Ruth Baseball Complex

    Candyland Park

    Candyland Park (click to get directions)

    Candyland Park

    Longwood Babe Ruth
    Baseball & Softball Fields

    599 Longdale Ave
    Longwood, FL 32750


    Candyland Park Field Designations

    Candyland Park Field Designations