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How to Become a Manager or Assistant Coach

What is expected from a Manager:

  1. If you are a returning manager contact your team from the previous season, before the first walk up registration, and check to see if they are playing in the upcoming season. Let them know when skills assessment and the walk up registrations are.
  2. Attend skills days (Except if you are managing in T-Ball or 6U Softball).
  3. Attend the draft for your division.
  4. Attend coaches training.
  5. Hold a team parent meeting before your first practice and go over the Team Meeting Document (Click to Download)
  6. Turn in your teams uniform order on time.
  7. Attend the Managers meeting.
  9. Respond to league officals in a timely manner.
  10. Become familiar with the rules and documents you will need through out the season. (Draft Rules Click Here), (ByLaws Click Here), (Baseball Rules Click Here), (Softball Rules Click Here)
  11. Make sure your locks get registered. Locks must be registered to be locked. 
  12. Be a certified coach

What is expected from an Assistant Coach:

  1. Assists the manager
  2. Step in for the manager should the manager not be available.
  3. Pass a background check
  4. Be a certified coach

How do I become a manager?

  1. Contact the Player Agent for Softball or Baseball.
  2. Register before the Deadline to Commit to Manage a Team. The deadline can be found on the Managers/Coaches Registration Page. (Click here to visit the Managers/Coaches Registration Page).
  3. Make sure you are certified If you are not certified please do so on before you register.

How do I become an assistant coach

  1. When registering your child please indicate on the registration if you would like to be an Assistant Coach.
  2. Once your child is drafted and the Manager contacts you for the first practice let the Manager know you are interested in becoming an Assistant Coach.
  3. Once the Manager agrees to have you as an Assistant Coach Register as an assistant coach.  Click Here to register as an Assistant Coach. Make sure you are certified. If you are not certified please do on before you register. 

What do I do once I know I am going to be a Manager or Assistant Coach

For the Spring Season

  1. Make sure you are a certified coach. We accept NYSCA but prefer Babe Ruth Certification. (Click Here to go to the Babe Ruth Certification page.)
  2. Register to be a Manager/Coach. A link can be found on the form of a button that says "Click Here to Register as a Manager/Coach". Here you will give us contact information and then take the background check.