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Subscribing to Team Calendar

Subscribing to your Child or Children's Team Calendar

Tested on an iPhone. 

1. Navigate to the Calendar page on the website by clicking on "CALENDAR"in the top menu.
2. Scroll down to the bottom and click on "Show Tag Menu". Circled in Red in the picture below.

3. Click on "Clear All Tags". Circled in red in the picture below. 

4. Select the tag(s) for your child or children's team. 
5. Click "Hide the Tag Menu". Circled in red in picture below

6. Click on "Subscribe to iCal Feed and a window like the one below will appear.

7. Copy the link and email it to your phone.
8. Open the email on your phone.
9. Touch the link in the email
10. Follow the onscreen instructions and all of the events should import into your Calendar App. 
11. Future events should automatically update.

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