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  1. Your team has the choice to work their scheduled concession shifts or you can pay a worker from our list of APPROVED WORKERS. The cost to hire a worker is $7 an hour 

  1. Money needs to  be in concession 24 hours before the FIRST scheduled shift 

  1. Team Parent must notify the Team Parent Coordinator (TCP) if your team would like to pay or if parents will work. If parents want to pay, The TCP will find a worker and the Team Parent leaves the cash payment in concession 

  1. Cash fund should be separated into TWO ENVELOPES. One for Opening Day and One for Regular Season.

  1. Each envelope should be labeled with TEAM NAME/DIVISION. Please also include either OPENING DAY or REGULAR SEASON.

  1. ONLY PARENTS OR APPROVED WORKERS MAY WORK CONCESSION. An older sibling may not work for that family 

  1. PARENTS/GUARDIANS AGREED to concession upon registration. They MUST work or can pay a worker (if available) 

  1. RAINOUTS. Funds will not be refunded for any shifts that may have been rained out. Funds will be used to make up the games at later dates