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« March 2019 »
8U Practice
10U Practice
12U Practice
14U Practice
18U Wyatt Practice
8U Practice
14U Practice
18U Wyatt Practice
8U Practice
10U Practice
12U Practice
14U Practice
18U Wyatt Practice
8U Practice
10U Practice
14U Practice
8U Practice
10U Practice
12U Practice
14U Practice
18U Wyatt Practice
10U Practice

Key Dates for Spring 2019 Season

Returning Managers Deadline to Commit to Manage
1/7: Commit by registering, being certified, and taking the background check

1/18: Softball Managers commit by registering, being ceritfied, and taking the background check

Returning Players Declare for the Draft Deadline
1/20: Date to register and indicate you want to enter the draft 

Managers Deadline to Submit Locks
1/22: Date to submit your locks by. Locks are not considered locked unless they are registered and may only be submitted ONLINE. 
1/25: Softball deadline

Walk Up Registration & Skills Assessment Date & Time.
Saturday 1/26, 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM, Walk Up Registration & Skills Assessment

 Baseball Skills Assessment Times
     Majors:       9:00 AM
     Minors:     10:30 AM
     Rookies:   12:00 PM
     T-Ball: Does not have skills assessment

   Softball Skills Assessment Times(6U does not have skills assessment)
     8U: 9:00 AM
     10U: 10:00 AM
     12U: 11:00 AM
     14U: 12:00 PM
      SENIORS: 1:00 PM

Preliminary Draft Dates 
Monday       1/28   BB Rookies/Majors & All Softball
Tuesday      1/29   BB Minors 
T-Ball: Does not have a draft

Thursday     2/7     BB Babe Ruth 

Super Bowl Sunday
2/3 - Super Bowl 53

Thursday February 7th - Babe Ruth Division Skills Assessment

     Babe Ruth Division:       6:15 PM

Season Preparation Dates
2/2- Softball uniform orders due

2/9 - Uniform Orders Due by Noon

2/23 - Deadline for Assistant Coaches to register, take background check, and be certified. Coaches who fail to do this will not be allowed to coach the remainder of the season.

Season Schedule
2/25 - Regular Season Games Start

  3/2 - Opening Day 8:45 AM 

3/16 – Teacher workday (necessary makeup games will be played)

3/16 -  We WILL have a full schedule of Saturday games

3/16 to 3/24 - Spring Break for Seminole County & Orange County 

3/18 to 3/23 - NO GAMES will be scheduled

3/26 - Game schedule resumes

4/21 - Easter Sunday / Weekend NO GAMES

4/29 - Target Date to Start EOS Tournament

5/17 -  Last possible day of league play